Why is Rick Ross attempting to do anything other than rapping?

23 Jul

Just counting down the days until Rick Ross writes, directs, and stars in his own full-length feature film. Try to catch the dialogue in this music video. With this high quality shit The Boss & co. are a lock to join Three 6 Mafia and Eminem on the exclusive list of rappers with an Academy Award.

P.S. Hey Rick, keep your shirt on at all costs.  Seriously.  I’m not quite sure how you let someone talk you into thinking that this picture would give you any sort of credibility.

The beard, tattoos, and self-portrait necklace thing sadly leave little to the imagination.

“Every corner, every street.  The Boss wanna be there.  I’m a millionaire now.  A multiple millionaire.  But I’m still hungry.”

Yeah, I bet you are.  Despite the George Washington tat on your left, uh, pectoral, all this picture points to is a supersize meal at Mickey D’s, not a supersized bank account.  I bet there are some Golden Arches on each and every one of those corners and streets.  Teflon Don is a masterpiece, but for everyone’s sake put those puppies away.

One Response to “Why is Rick Ross attempting to do anything other than rapping?”


  1. Rick Ross Sets World Record For Most Nonsensical Lines On One Track « - March 19, 2011

    […] Let’s ignore the transition from an odd shoebox reference and take a look at the math here. A two seater = two available seats. Rick Ross in the car = 2-1, leaving 1 more available seat for a passenger. Two women does not equal one available seat. The Boss complicates the equation by weighing in at enough for three men. […]

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