Lyric of the Week: “Duffle Bag Boy”

27 Jul

“I am on my shit, need a pamper on me, toilet paper on the side for example homie.”

Duffle Bag Boy, Playaz Circle ft. Lil Wayne

It’s often said that rap is poetry, but this is not good imagery created here by Playaz Circle.  In a textbook “get money” song that contains such classic lines as “Wildin’, Stylin’, I be, I get so much money it’s my I.D.” talking about your poop and your diapers and the fact that you’re incontinent doesn’t make you hard or even witty and clever, it just makes you immature and gross. 

I guess it doesn’t help that “Playaz” is an acronym for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A-Z.  Might be okay if this were a legal firm writing a will or some shit, but it doesn’t really fly when it’s created by two guys who go by stage names of Tity Boy and Dolla Boy.  How did they even think of these names? Brainstorm session of most likely ways for people to confuse them with male strippers?

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