Update: Soulja Boy Turns 20; Announces Name Change

28 Jul

Looking fresh, as always.

DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell Em’ (possibly one of the most nonsensical names we’ve ever heard) or more simply, Soulja Boy, is celebrating his 20th birthday today.  Congratulations Mr. Boy Tell Em’ (or Mr. Boy, for short) and happy birthday from the “whattherap” staff.

Early on Wednesday, Soulja Boy announced that he will no longer be called “Soulja Boy” but instead will take on the stage name “Soldier Man.” Of course, no one on his public relations team consulted us before this was announced — because maybe we could have talked some fucking sense into them. But then again, if we had any say in the matter we’d probably have told him to pursue a career in finger painting or acrobatics before we would have ever suggested that he bring his “talent” to the rap game. He is the youngest person to write a song that landed on the Hot 100 though, so we’ll give props for that.  Happy Birthday dude — stay fly!


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