Kanye Omari West being Kanye Omari West

29 Jul

Kanye West now has a twitter account, and yeah, it’s just as obnoxiously hilarious as you would expect it to be.  Take, for example, this complaint about the size of his private jet.

As the hype surrounding his new album (set to drop in September) grows ever larger, it seems that Ye is doing everything in his power to make fans forget about the debacle that was 808s and Heartbreak.  Through his @kanyewest page, the rapper gives advice (“one of the keys to leadership is doing what YOU believe is right … for those who follow you”), talks nonsense (“I hate stickers on laptops”), and, unsurprisingly, boasts about pretty much anything in sight (“I got my projector in today for the living room then image is about 13 feet wide 10,000 lumins watching Dark Knight in the day”).

Our favorite Tweet, though, has to be this little quip:

“I think Twitter was designed specifically with me in mind just my humble opinion hahhhahaaaahaaa humble hahahahhahaahaaaa”

Yeezy is as ridiculous as ever, and now there’s a constant stream of this garbage since the guy posts something new every twenty fucking minutes.

kanye twitter pic

"it's good to be King lol!!" - @kanyewest

In terms of distractions from a disastrous ’08/’09, West’s live performances at social networking offices are far more impressive than this online display.  A couple days ago Ye showed up at Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto, California, to preview some tracks from the highly anticipated fifth album.  But, seeing as how he’s Kanye West, this was as atypical as album sneak peeks get.  Suit-clad, he climbed on top of a damn table and just killed it, a capella, in front of a conference room full of employees.  Check out his four raps below. He describes the first one as a “fun rap” before moving onto some more serious, emotional material.

Yeezy. Is. Back.

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