50 Cent Appears on “The View;” Man-Card Revoked

30 Jul

50 Cent "Going Hard" on ABC's The View

There’s really not much to say about this one.  It’s really hard to trust the authenticity of a lyric like “Started around twelve ended up around two I better leave with more hoes than I came here with” or “Shorty say I told her I love her I put her out the next mornin’ sayin’ bitch I must have been faded” when it comes from a rapper who spends his free time on a television show hosted and watched primarily by middle-aged women.  Topics included his recent dramatic weight loss for an upcoming movie role, teenage pregnancy, and Mr. Cent’s hair and make-up routine.  The verdict: He’s about as “hard” as a ball of yarn and about as “thug” as a family of beanie babies. Don’t get us wrong — we have no beef with 50 but we just can’t take him seriously on a mid-day women’s talk show.

I found it particularly funny when Whoopi Goldberg called him “a good role model.”  I mean he’s cool, we love his music and all and I’m sure he’s supportive of the kids but I guess she hasn’t listened to many of his songs — particularly the one in which he declares, “Come with my gun smokin’, you can smell death — They get the first laugh, I get the last laugh homie.”  That one’s called “Fuck You,” in case you were wondering.


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