Luda’s “Sex Room” ft. Trey Songz Translated

31 Jul

Hopefully Not Luda's Sex Room

Real Lyrics:

Welcome to my little sanctuary
you been looking so good all day
and you got a ni**a really anxious baby
better call your boss tell him that your daddy’s home
take a couple days off and take it off and leave nothing but your T-shirt and your panties on
feeling high but I’m hung real low looking sorta like a tripod,
so power down your cell phone and power up your iPod
power down your inhibitions and power up your inner freak
(yes…fuck) it’s the only words that you gonna speak

Formal English Translation:

Please, make yourself comfortable in my smaller than average place of worship
Your appearance during the daylight hours has certainly ignited my sexual appetite
I insist, telephone your employer and relay the news of your father’s arrival
This will surely provide a relapse from your daily grind in the workplace, providing you with ample time to lounge about in nothing but undergarments
Feeling under the influence, but in fact this is just an illusion due to the fact that my genitals are so large that my lower body appears to be a three-legged object used to support a camera
Cut off the power connection to your mobile phone and allow charge to flow freely into your MP3 player
Disregard all previous notions of appropriate behavior and allow yourself to perform activities previously believed to be unacceptable
(Yes…fuck) are the only words you will be able to speak due to the magic I create while wielding my Johnson


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