Tupac Shakur Spotted on Chatroulette

1 Aug

The Man, The Legend

It is more or less common knowledge that Chatroulette is a “weird” and “rly rly gross” website.  Once you click “Next” at the site’s home page, you can expect to see many things, including but not limited to various penises, your local priest, an abundance of penises, your old elementary school’s chief custodian, multiple penises, etc.  It must be stressed that it is rare to see anything other than the aforementioned penises and community members, which is why this week’s hot news report is so compelling.

It has been reported and confirmed that Tupac Shakur was sighted on Chatroulette at 2:30 p.m. ET on Sunday August 1st by Rhode Island native Melvin Greene.  Not only is it surprising that Mr. Shakur was chillin’ on the east coast, but more interestingly he was seen alive, which has all of us here at WTR? quite perplexed because he is supposed to “b dead”.  Regardless, this is big news which deserves great attention from the scientific/hip hop community.  “Mr. Shakur’s identity was confirmed by the use of state-of-the-art facial recognition software which matched old photographs to the screenshot taken by Mr. Melvin Greene.” says a person familiar with the matter. There has not been much more released, as Tupac reportedly clicked “Next” after realizing that Mr. Greene was not a nude male, but only an ordinary fellow.  Interestingly, many musicians have expressed that they were aware that Tupac had never died, and they expected him to resurface via some sort of internet video-chatting program. Hmmm.

For now, we are just hoping that the likes of Billy Mays and Cher don’t “come back from the dead” on Chatroulette.


One Response to “Tupac Shakur Spotted on Chatroulette”

  1. chatroulette August 13, 2010 at 1:43 pm #

    frankly, now i spend more time on chatroulette than i do on facebook

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