Chingy To Become CEO of Holiday Inn, Inc.

3 Aug

Holiday Inn announced major changes today in its management structure, including the long-awaited news that Howard Bailey Jr (better known by his stage name “Chingy’) will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer of the hotel chain, which operates more than 1,300 locations internationally.


The man has "investment strategy" written all over him.

Chingy, whose fame is primarily a result of his his single “Holidae Inn,” has long been a fan and steady consumer of this main subsidiary of the InterContinental Hotels Group. Whattherap recently had the opportunity to sit down with the rapper and discuss this colossal business decision.

WHATTHERAP: You’re known to demand only Holiday Inn hotels while on tour. Describe a typical night on the road.

CHINGY: Peeps call me up, say “it’s a hotel party. Just bring the liquor there’s already eight shawties.”

WTR: And so you make your way immediately from your concert to the Holliday Inn?

CHINGY: On my way, let me stop at the store.  Get a 12 pack of Corona and an ounce of dro, you know?

WTR: Certainly. Major party foul to show up without your ounce of dro.

CHINGY: Now I’m on Highway 2-7 need a natural graze road. I’m already blowed, ht a third I’ma be blowed some mo’.

WTR: Understandable. Wouldn’t want to risk a DUI. “Blowed” is one thing, but “blowed some mo'” is downright dangerous, not to mention illegal.

CHINGY: Pull up, stop park, rims still spinning. Valet look like he in the game and must be winning.

WTR: Oh, so you opt for the valet service. Anything else in particular that you request during your stay? A certain room, perhaps?

CHINGY: To room 490 I’m headed. There’s three girls on the elevator like “wassup.” I told ’em follow me they knew I had it cracking, B. One said “ain’t you that boy that be on BET?”

WTR: How do you respond to such advances? We know a lot of performers like to keep a low profile on the road. What’s your go-to response when fans call you out?

CHINGY: “Yeah that’s me, Ching-a-ling equipped with much ding-a-ling.”

From now on Chingy should have no problem flaunting his “ding-a-ling” throughout the various private hotel rooms he will have access to as the highest ranking corporate officer within Holiday Inn, Inc.


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