Nicki Minaj: “A Promise is a Promise.” Well…

3 Aug

Morning of August 2nd:


Ok u guyz. A promise is a promise. Ustream tonite. I’ll be announcing the name of the album and much more 🙂 11.23.10 (stay tuned 4 a time

3 hours later:

Ok guys no need in sending ur numbers just yet okay? Wen I’m on ustream…I’ll tell u wen 🙂 I’ll post the link 4 ustream in a few hrs. -HB

6 hours after that:

Bad news u guys : 8pm EST is not realistic for ustream rite now. I just landed. Need a cpl hrs to set up. Would u rather I go live tmrw?

1 hour after that:

Thx 4 understanding. Let’s do tmrw @ 6pm EST to be fair to the UK ok u guys? Plus, I’ll have more time to plan ur fetch surprises!

Nicki, what the hell? We tried to pretend like we didn’t care but then listened to “Your Love” somewhere in the range of  150 times in preparation for your album title announcement and now it’s happening tomorrow? And you expect us to give a shit about the UK?

In the meantime, help us decide whether the “Your Love” video is absolutely horrendous or kind of good. Can’t make heads or tails of it, to be honest.

Nicki Minaj – Your Love


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