Nomad Street Freestyler Turns Down Whattherap

4 Aug

We thought we hit rock bottom over the weekend when we received a lack of wedding invitations, but Tuesday night whattherap hit a new low.

Standard night for the WTR staff: some work, some fucking around, some music exploration (J. Cole is straight fire, check this out, thanks to annexdotes for the tip), and to cap it off a trip to our favorite late-night shack for a quick bite to eat.  About halfway through our chili cheese fire fries this dude wanders in off the street (we were sitting outside) and just pulls up a chair.  He started off with the usual “I’m not here for money” bit before offering promotional CDs and a mixtape in return for a couple bucks.

Before we had the chance to respond (with a resounding no) this clown launches into a freestyle about anything and everything having to do with his life’s hardships.  I don’t know what it was, but something clicked.  Maybe it was the fact that he was drunk out of his mind and slurring every other line.  Maybe it was his triple-XL camouflage hoodie. Either way, we did the unthinkable and made him an offer that (we thought) he couldn’t refuse: his own WTR feature and profile with an opportunity to be the centerpiece of a whattherap record label.

You should have seen his reaction.  Before my boy could even draw up a contract this gypsy booked it to the Dunkin Donuts next door to harass some drunken college kids.  If by some slim chance the mystery rapper gets his hands on a computer and comes across our site, we just want to let him know that he missed the boat.  Chance of a lifetime my man.  I’m talking world tours, hordes of WTR groupies, the whole nine yards. Good luck finding another promoter with the rare ability to decipher your street jargon.

Please let us know in the comments or on twitter that we’re not 100% worthless.


6 Responses to “Nomad Street Freestyler Turns Down Whattherap”

  1. NVR August 4, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    Hahaha thats some funny shit!


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