Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” Translated

4 Aug

Real Lyrics:

Get the fuck up!
Simon Says get the fuck up!
Put your hands to the sky (BO! BO! BO! BO!)
Brooklyn in the back shootin craps now what’s up?
Girlies, rub on your titties (yeahhhhhh)
Fuck it I said, rub on your titties
New York City gritty committee, pity the fool that
act shitty in the midst of the calm, the witty

Yo, where you at?) Uptown let me see em
Notorious for the six-fives and the BM’s
Heads give you beef, you put em in the mausoleum
And the shit don’t start pumpin til after 12 PM
Ugnh, ignorant minds, I free em
If you tired of the same old everyday you will agree I’m,
the most obligated, hard and R-Rated
Stated to be the best, I must confess the star made it
Some might even say this song is sexist-es
Cause I asked the girls to rub on their breast-eses
Whether your ridin the train or in Lexus-es
This is for either/or Rollies or Timex-eses
Wicked like Exorcist, this is the joint
You holdin up the wall, then you missin the point

Formal English Translation:

Brethren, rise from your feet!
I really do encourage you to rise! (Even Simon is in agreement).
Raise your hands to the sky (Ah! Why yes! Splendid!)
Residents of Brooklyn are in the back of this club shooting craps, now THAT interests me.
If I could have the attention of all the ladies present: please proceed to rub on your breasts.
Once again: rub on those breasts.
We are from New York City, and are very hardcore and legitimate in our endeavors. I pity any simple man that acts inappropriately in the midst of the collected and mature.

Greetings. Where are you currently located? Anyone from uptown? May I see a show of hands?
You uptown folk are really infamous for those six-fives, and who could forget the BM’s!
People seem to always be giving you trouble, and as a result, you put them in mausoleums (that seems a bit rash),
and the dance halls don’t truly become hip and trendy until approx. after 12PM EST.
Gosh! Any ignorant minds, I really do feel obligated to free them.
If you are similarly tired of the same of rabble-dabble, I assume you will concur with my observations.
I just happen to be very obligated, durable and not suitable for children under 17 years old.
I am projected to be one of the best in my field, and I must confess its almost as though it was destiny!
The common man might even suggest that my musical productions are misogynistic because I simply ask any and all females to massage their breasts. (What’s that all about!)
Whether you are taking the local train or are driving a Lexus,
this is to be quite honest only for men who wear either Rolex watches, or Timex Watches.
This song is for mischievous folks like the evil girl from the Exorcist, this is the marijuana carrier
If you are forcibly supporting a wall-like structure, then you are not truly understanding the moral of this song.

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