Fat Joe’s New Album Sells Only 5,000 Copies; 50 Cent Makes Fun of Him

5 Aug

We’re not quite sure what’s funnier about this situation: the fact that Fat Joe’s new album The Darkside, Volume 1 has only sold approximately 5,000 copies since its release on June 27 or the fact that 50 Cent actually came out to publicly make fun of him for such a pathetic release.  This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has made fun of Fat Joe.  This is happening on a such a regular occasion that it’s starting to seem like they’re a bunch of third graders fighting over sandbox rights at recess.

Last year, when 50 claimed that Fat Joe’s album was so bad that he had to be rushed to the hospital after listening to it, Mr. Joe responded with the following: “Tell 50 to get off my DICK already, he was sick that my album is SO HOT that real music not that wack shit him and his clowns are making!!”

It’s a little strange that Fat Joe is admitting to 50 “being on his dick” but I guess we’ll let that one slide.  I’m not really sure why 50 wants to start so much beef with Joe.  We actually thought Joe’s last big single “If It Ain’t About Money” was kinda good. Something tells us though that after selling only 5,000 copies it’s looking like there probably won’t be a “Volume 2” edition of The Darkside after all.


One Response to “Fat Joe’s New Album Sells Only 5,000 Copies; 50 Cent Makes Fun of Him”


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