(Fat) Joe Challenges 50 to an Actual Duel

9 Aug

A contemporary artistic rendering of the July 11, 1804 duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton by J. Mund. Word is that J.Mund has been commissioned to draw the 50-Joe duel.

We mentioned a few days ago that Mr. Joe and Mr. Cent were NOT getting along at all.  Turns out that Fat Joe has challenged 50 to an all-out brawl.  We’re talking like Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr type deal here. 

Fat Joe, who is also commonly refferred to as Joey Crack (probably for reasons you might be able to guess) was recently quotes as saying, “The day 50 Cent want to lock up with me in a bathroom and do this like men, we can hug each other and keep it moving the day after that.  I would love to be in an airport, we bump into each other, we go in the men’s room, best man wins, that’s it.” 

I’ve got money down on Fifty, considering the fact that he was shot an absurd number of times and lived to tell the tale.  I have a theory that he’s a modern-day Jesus or Superman or something.  Watch out Joey Crack, this one could be rough. 

One Response to “(Fat) Joe Challenges 50 to an Actual Duel”

  1. NVR August 9, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Dont forget that Joe has super fatass powers. 50 may stop bullets but not an ass that big.

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