So Lame

11 Aug

There isn’t much more to say.  Yesterday we expressed our confusion about how Justin Bieber gets into contact with a hunk like Mark Wahlberg.  This is just more of the same.  Snoop Dogg @ Justin Bieber: “Shout out to my lil’ homeboy Justin Bieber. Get at me Justin. Get your people to follow me man so I can turn you on to something real grown and sexy. Holla at your uncle Snoop Dogg.”

What the fuck is going on here?  This is the same guy who spit lines like “Guess who’s back in the motherfuckin’ house, with a fat dick for your motherfuckin’ mouth?” isn’t it?  And now he’s going out of his way to produce this ridiculous video, asking 16 year old baby bitch Bieber to “holla” at him.  Shit is backwards.  Actually, not even backwards.  Just plain wrong.


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