Waddup from the Durty South

14 Aug

As y’all just read, half the WTR staff is over in eastern Europe while I’ve been with the rest of the crew exploring the dirty South. We’ve been on the road all day but we thought we’d give a quick update: there is no update. Not much to write home about to be perfectly honest.

We were hoping to find the next T.I. (the self-proclaimed “King of the South”) or J. Cole (hails from Fayetteville – AKA “Fayettenam” – North Carolina) but the highlight of the trip so far has been sighting a group of about 10 dudes in Virginia hanging shirtless out the car window to scream at a BP Oil gas station attendant about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Oh yeah, and one hell of a pulled pork sandwich in the backwoods of NC.

Got to love the environmentally conscious citizens of Missy Elliot’s home state.

One Response to “Waddup from the Durty South”

  1. NVR August 18, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    No time for vacation, you guys are missing some SERIOUS whatthe#*!? news, Kanye to collaborate with Justin Bieber and Raekwon!!?

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