Where the @%*! have we been?

14 Aug

Ladies and gentlemen,

Just wanted to let you all know why we’ve been a little bit slow with posts lately. It turns out that in our never-ending search for the world’s next big rap star, the two whattherap creative directors have found themselves in North Carolina and Croatia.

So far, we’ve got one lead in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  He’s a pretty chill guy and he lays down a mean set of rhymes:

You may ask why these two seemingly random vacation destinations would make a suitable spot to continue our search — and we wouldn’t have an answer.  But when we find the next star and we’re all sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, it’ll all be okay. The point is: things will be returning to normal with several posts a day in just a few.

Our deepest apologies,

the “whattherap” team


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