Lyric of the Week: “Material”

18 Aug

“Not concerned with all the fame but want the world to know my name when I’m gone.”

Material, Wiz Khalifa

Hmm, let’s think about this one for a sec…nope.  Just plain incorrect.  A paradox, in fact.  No need to overanalyze the fact that you in fact would be concerned with fame if you wanted the world to know your name.

Also, nice move pulling a line like this in a song titled “Material.”  Acting like you’re not concerned with something excessive such as fame while boasting about how “there ain’t a thing I can’t afford” such as your “three cell phones no home phone” which is, by the way, a total waste of money.

Hell, Wiz, you even follow up the anti-fame line with “just give me the light, quiet on the set where the cameras at.”  No fame or attention, please, only the bright lights and a stage where everyone can see me.

Come on.

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