whattherap: A True Success Story in Progress

8 Sep

Smoke more weed, Snoop. Really, smoke more weed.

So, you’re all probably wondering how many hits this mega-site gets per day or how many Swedish hookers have visited our offices over the past few weeks. Maybe you’re more interested in who we actually are, what cars we drive, or how many times we work out at the gym while drinking Muscle Milk protein shakes per day.  Unfortunately, we can’t tell you any of those things yet. However, we’ve learned one big thing — while some of our readers may be normal and cool and hip…there are some REALLY FUCKING weird people out there.

Our advanced statistics technology allows us to see how people wander to our site (search engine, links, etc.) Here are a few of the searches that have led people to our page over the past 48 hours:

1. lil wayne pants chain

2. whattherap (no shit, sherlock)

3. what does get jiggy with it mean

4. pics of weird looking penises

wait…WHAT!? Someone actually searched “pics of weird looking penises” and found our site.  I’m not sure what’s more disturbing…the fact that someone searched that or the fact that it led them to OUR SITE.  holy shit, we are fucked.

With all seriousness, we’ve passed some pretty significant site traffic milestones over the past few weeks and I’d just like to say THANK YOU.  Please continue to share this bangin’ website with your friends and feel free to email us or check us out on twitter because we’re always interested in hearing what our fans have to say — particularly those that are looking for pictures of weird looking penises, although we won’t be able to provide you with any of those, yet.

2 Responses to “whattherap: A True Success Story in Progress”

  1. NVR September 8, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    Hahahah thats some messed up shit man! How the hell are you going to search for that shit, and how the hell do you end up over here?!


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    […] we have an online stats system that tracks things like hits, comments, and search terms.  We’ve mentioned before that there has been a disturbing trend in our […]

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