Gucci Mane: Part Human, Part Lion

10 Oct

Now I get it…Gucci “Mane” — He’s actually a fucking lion. Everything in the world makes so much more sense now.  This is a snapshot from his new video, “Gucci Time.”

Looks like he’s about ready to star in the fucking lion king with this outfit.


Also, this song “Gucci Time” has officially taken over as the song with perhaps the highest number of nonsensical lyrics.

1: “Swiss cheese out a hata if he act foolish”

2: “Mike the ice got my chest moon walkin”

3: “Cabbage patchin bouncin like bankin head”

4: “Colder than a polar bear sleepin in the freezer”

5: “Gucci mane crazy I mite pull up on a zebra”

6: “Call the paralegal cuz this shit should be illegal”


I can’t take it anymore.  Shit is just getting too ridiculous.




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