Lyric of the Week: “We All Up in Here”

22 Oct

“This one for the moms and the nanas, that go outside in pajamas.”

We All Up in Here, Cam’ron ft. Vado

Well, this has got to be the first rap song ever dedicated to moms and nanas that go outside in pajamas. So on that note, we salute you, Cam’ron.  Way to make history.

This dedication would be lovely and sweet if your lyrics painted a picture of a lazy Sunday afternoon playing cards with your mother and grandmother, maybe even having a cup of tea on the porch.  However, the main focus of your song is centered on purchasing copious amounts of alcohol with your “clique” in a dance club.

Therefore, we here at whattherap would like to say: what the fuck? Where the hell did that line come from? With lyrics like “my money explains my behavior” and “my whole clique came to buy bottles bottles and shut down the bitch like we don’t fuckin’ care” I don’t see the relevance to moms and nanas who go outside in pajamas.

But maybe that’s just us.

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