Update: NY Times on the “Baracka” Controversy

26 Oct

You know we’re killing it when we break a story before the NY Times does.  Yesterday, we posted the “Head of the State” video, which depicts President Obama as a laid-back, fun-loving man in a variety of controversial ways, including but not limited to:

  • Smoking marijuana
  • Dancing with a bottle of Smirnoff
  • Referring to his his wife, Michelle, using racial epithets
  • “Chillin” with Oprah, who is also described using racial epithets
  • Eating bar-b-que in the hood

Well today — the NY Times thinks they can come and stomp on our ground by featuring a story about this controversial video on the front page of the Arts section.  The good news: nobody reads the fucking Arts section anyway.

They do have some pretty interesting things to say.  The most entertaining part is how they found a way to describe the video in a sophisticated manner,

“I’m the head of the state!” President Obama shouts, with a blend of jubilation and indignation on his face. Except that’s not exactly what he says — the sentence is spiked with an expletive and a racial epithet.”

Prez N The Hood, NY Times 10/26/2010

Check out the article.  It’s worth a read.


Thanks to Dalia L. from NY for the tip.


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