Breaking News: Bill Clinton Now Supports “Rap Music”

3 Nov

Am I the only one who envisioned the whole Clinton oral sex controversy as a rap video?

I always thought it went down something like this: Clinton chillin’ behind the Oval Office desk in a fur coat smoking a cigar with scantily-clad women dancing around as his aides popped champagne bottles and sprayed them all over the room.

This seemed to make so much sense until I learned today that Bill Clinton just became a supporter of rap music.

Back in 1992, Bill Clinton publicly compared hip-hop MC Sister Souljah to a former Ku Klux Klan member.  Souljah had made a pretty inflammatory comment in one of his music videos: “If there are any good White people, I haven’t met them,” He was then quoted in a Washington Post interview saying, “If Black people kill Black people every day, why not have a week and kill White people?”

Apparently Clinton was pretty offended by this and ended up making some stupid comments comparing Souljah to white supremacist David Duke.  But — that’s just a bunch of boring history.

Yesterday, Clinton came out in support of rap and even declared that he hopes Lil Wayne will “have a good life” now that he’s coming out of the slammer.  “A lot of these people, they don’t just get successful by being really dumb,” Clinton said. “But a lot of them have had tough lives and almost think it’s cool to get in trouble every now and then.”

The next logical step would be to announce that he’s ready to put aside politics and enter the industry.  Of course, we’d expect his first hit single to be entitled “Head of State: How Monica Lewinsky Stimulated My Economic Recovery Package”


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