7-Year-Old Rap Superstar MattyB

4 Nov

"Welcome to Thug Mansion"


Yeah, you read that correctly: 7 years old.  Seven!  I didn’t even know kids could read by seven, let alone tie together a string of coherent rap verses. Sure, his flow and lyrical prowess may not be up to par quite yet, but give the kid a break cause he’s still years away from hitting puberty.  MattyB’s street cred and charisma are through the roof right now – check out a couple of his covers/remixes:

Talk about swagger.

That’s all the evidence we need: MattyB, ladies and gentlemen, is our next target for the Whattherap record label.

Can you imagine?  Pair up MattyB with our first freestyler (nomad or not) and this stud and we’ve got a rap trio that rivals the likes of big threes Run D.M.C. and the Fugees.  Just counting down the days until we can get all three in the WTR studio together.

4 Responses to “7-Year-Old Rap Superstar MattyB”

  1. dylan January 8, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    i am a great dancer and can you teach me how to rap


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