Evidence of Questionable Literacy: Gucci Mane’s “My Kitchen”

4 Nov

WTR presents a new feature: “Evidence of Questionable Literacy”

Exhibit A: Gucci Mane’s “My Kitchen”

“Put the pounds in the trash can Gucci do the dishes,
Don’t nobody nobody fuck with my kitchen”

“Gucci unquriest a so icy shark
Selling white chalk tryna duck these narcs”

“Whole hep of white, large amount of beans
Got dem collard greens, sell allot of things
4 plus a 4 dog that’s a chicken wings
Trapping in a drought, money in the vault”

“Dope bowl crack, now we getting mad
But we ain’t really lost cuss we can ice-a-toil dat ass
When we bringing route, bring it to ya doe”

If only we could understand your lyrics, Gucci — we’d see that when you start spewing knowledge straight from the heart, you’re a real sweet, sensitive guy!

Exhibit B: One Night in the Life of Mr. Mane



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