Wiz Khalifa Busted for Alleged Drug Possession (Finally)

9 Nov

Wiz Khalifa was arrested last night on marijuana charges after a show at East Carolina University, and to be honest it was only a matter of time before the dude got busted.

Not that we’re happy about this – we’ve shown Wiz plenty of love throughout our WTR history – but the fucking name of his current tour is “Waken Baken.”  The man claims to spend $10,000 on weed a month – at least.  Let’s have a look at some of his tweets this month:

Nov. 1: “my chicks come with grinders”

Nov. 2: “we gettin smoked out at tha hob in new orleans. wut a feeling”

Nov. 3: “last nite wuz awsome to say the least. we stood in a square, smoked, and sang songs only we knoe. nice job taylors”

Nov. 4: “i been enjoyin havin my own papers but im finna roll up a pina colada for tha OG’z”

Nov. 5: “been waken…been baken…black doug”

Nov. 6: “waken…baken…roll one and face it”

Nov. 7: “we in charleston gettin smoked out tonite…iss goin down in chuck town”

Well, that last one didn’t end too well.  Check the vid of Wiz getting arested:

This quip from WIz about 8 hours ago has gotta be the best so far, though:

“man, jail sux!”

Followed by “cheese eggs pimp,” which really doesn’t mean anything at all.

Free Wiz! He didn't do anything wrong. And if he did, he definitely didn't tweet about it.


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    […] his upcoming album is entitled Rolling Papers and he headlined the Waken Baken Tour. Sure, Wiz was arrested once – but he quickly returned to smoking inconceivable amounts of marijuana on a daily […]

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