Apparently Kurtis Blow Likes Marijuana!

2 Dec

“Fuck, I thought I could fool em’ with the FBI hat”


Rap giant Kurtis Walker Combs (better known as Kurtis Blow), one of the first commercially successful rappers and the first to sign with a major label, was arrested for possession of marijuana at LAX after being caught by a TSA officer. TSA found what they described as an “an anomaly” in Mr. Blow’s pantsNot sure whether they are referring to the marijuana or the erection that resulted from the pat-down, but either way he’s in a pretty sticky situation (double pun very much intended)

Blow was caught with a small amount of weed as he went through a security screening around 5:45 a.m. Not sure what he was expecting when he started using “Blow” as a last name.  Not that it should have raised any red flags or anything.


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