25 Days of Rap: Day 5

6 Dec

THE BEST: @RealWizKhalifa’s insistence on starting off his twitter day with “waken…baken.”  #hesmokesalottaweed

RealWizKhalifa:  waken…baken…showers are for more than showering
RealWizKhalifa:  waken…baken…i wuz hungover like vanilla ice. needed that
RealWizKhalifa:  waken…baken…leavin tha beach behind for tha colds of syracuse
RealWizKhalifa:  waken…baken…last dragon

THE WORST: @RealWizKhalifa’s technological difficulties

RealWizKhalifa: i remember drivin and my ground wire wld come loose and my amp wld cut off. i used ta get pissed! #gshit
RealWizKhalifa: one a my blackberry’s is actin stupid and im fuggin pissed! send ur bbm’s in advance
RealWizKhalifa: maaaan why in na FUCK wont twitter let me change my background or my profile picture

Oh the highs and lows within the day-to-day activity of a man who spends $10K on marijuana every month.

UPDATE:  Monday, 2:01 p.m.

RealWizKhalifa:  waken…baken…technology is not my friend today


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    […]  The guy likes to smoke weed. It’s kind of his thing.  Not that he tweets about it every day or anything.  We were pretty damn close in our album title predictions, weren’t […]

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