Boss of the Year: “Ciggie Smalls”

7 Dec

If you ignore the fact that seeing a 2-year-old smoking a cigarette is unbelievably disturbing, you’ll immediately realize how much of a boss this kid is.  This Indonesian toddler made international headlines several months ago after pictures and videos of him puffin’ on cigs circulated on the web.  Apparently this bad-ass kid, Ardi Rizal, has been smoking since he was 18 months old and now smokes more than two packs a day.

It won’t be long until he’ll be moving on to bigger and better things like Lamborghinis, private jets, and foreign prostitutes.  Trust me, you’ll never see “Ciggie Smalls” rocking Casio watches — it’s all Rolex all day for this boss.  He’s definitely next in line to join the WTR record label.


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