Lyric of the Week (Holiday Edition): “Exhibit C”

8 Dec

“They call me Jay Electronica,

Fuck that, call me Jay Elechanukkah

Jay Elecyamulkah”

Exhibit C, Jay Electronica


"Happy Chanukkah, y'all"

It’s the eighth and final night of Chanukkah: enjoy your latkes, play some dreidel, light the menorah, and get some Jay Elechanukkah bumpin’ after your prayers are done.

Nothing bad to say about these lines, although they are followed by “Jay ElecRamadaan Muhamaad Asalaamica Rasoul’Allah suphana wat’Allah through your monitor.”  With no explanation whatsoever.  Let’s get a translation for that, dude.

Happy Chanukkah.


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