25 Days of Rap: Day 11

12 Dec

THE BEST: The emergence of 7-year-old stud Lil P-Nut.

“Wassup girl, can you be my world?

I know I’m in the second and I know you in the third

But, it’s all good, I’ll treat you like a queen, and I can be your king, and we can be a team

You can be my study buddy, teach me about social studies and when we can work we can go outside and get money”

I know you all probably expected to see some WTR hate on the kid.  Yeah, his flows a little choppy.  Sure, sometimes his Rs sound like Ws.  But what 7-year-old doesn’t face these day to day difficulties in the rap game?

Also impressed by his awareness of the female sex.  I don’t think I even knew girls existed until at least middle school.  This kids in second grade. And I sure as hell didn’t have the balls to ask anyone to be my social studies study buddy, especially some older third grade cougar.

THE WORST: The resulting indecision within the whattherap record label.  Hell, we can’t go and have TWO 7-year-old rappers on one team can we?  Someone’s gotta go, and that’s just the way it is in this business. Matty B, you’ve done great things for our organization, but your time here at WTR just might be through.  Please take it like the man that you won’t be for another decade or so.

P.S. First person to send a Matty B/Lil P-Nut mashup to whattherapdotcom@gmail.com gets a major shoutout.

Props to Jagger for the tip.

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