25 Days of Rap: Day 15

16 Dec

THE BEST: This story and interview with Waka Flocka Flame is supposed to “change your mind” about the rapper as he’s “smarter than he’s willing to let the general public know.” You can make your own judgement after reading, but the dude still says things like this:

“I don’t think they understand my art yet.  They recognize it, but they don’t understand it yet. They still got mixed feelings. They don’t know if they wanna accept it. Or they don’t. Or they do, but probably their friend don’t like it.”

THE WORST: At the album release party for Diddy Dirty Money’s “Last Train To Paris,” one of the lovely jacuzzi ladies’ hair catches on fire. That’s not funny, but the reaction to it certainly is. “Oh, shit! Did the camera catch that?! Cut the camera! Ha!”


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