18 Dec

We work hard as hell here at the whattherap headquarters, and as a result of that we’re always looking to support young artists who we can tell are working their asses off to break into the game.

Meet KCBlack. Dude hit us up with his story so far, and while it may sound commonplace, you really have to respect his honesty about his background and who he is.  None of that fake nonsense we see so often going on here.

I’ve been writing rhymes since like ’06, when I was still 13. Never really planned on doing anything with it – never really rapped anything I wrote or showed anyone. After all, who would really wanna hear about a token black kid rap about living in the suburbs? I’ve never sold drugs or held a gun. But the more I listened to rap and the more I wrote and freestyled the bigger the urge came to actually record and show people my shit…

Check him at his Facebook page here.  It’s got a bunch of tracks.  We recommend Amelia Earhart, which is a sneak peek single from his new mixtape, “Token.”



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  1. J Riker December 18, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    swag swag

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