Season’s Greetings From Dorrough

21 Dec

From the geniuses who brought you “Ice Cream Paint Job” comes something just in time for the holiday season: “I Want (Hood Christmas).”

Don’t be fooled, though – this (obviously) isn’t your ordinary dose of holiday cheer. Check the chorus:

“All I want for Christmas is a, a bunch of bitches

sorted from the smallest to the thickest

and I, don’t want no drama from my, baby momma.”

If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, maybe these requests from Dorrough will:

I want:

  1. Keisha Cole, or a look-a-like
  2. A my-size Beyonce doll I can sleep with
  3. A lap dance, upside down, on a hand-stand, from a lesbo and her girlfriend
  4. A stripper ass-naked with some heels on
  5. A plus size chick so thick with an ass so big you would think she need a bigger thong
  6. Mrs. Santa Claus, but not chubby
  7. A freak, but she can’t be ugly: face like Mya, ass like Buffy, with boy shorts on saying “Mrs. Yeah Buddy”

Realistic demands, no? Credit for being the first rapper ever to insinuate sexual intercourse with Mrs. Santa Clause.

Fine, we’ll keep going:

I want:

8. To wake up Christmas morning with some weed in the bed, hope my baby girl ain’t peed in the bed
9. Something different, like Kim Kardash with some weave in the head
10. A ‘bang grow MILF’ and a desperate housewife that will let a ni**a cut like a new house knife
11. To see something new, like a west coast crip and a red dickie
And a bunch of other nonsense that ends with Santa Clause making a delivery to a jail cell.

Low-budget, incredibly offensive music videos and a good old-fashioned Christmas wish list.

Happy holidays from WTR.


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