Why We’re Not Surprised About The Name of Wiz Khalifa’s New Single

22 Dec

Boy, do I look cool with this golden P in front of my eye!

Wiz Khalifa, who loves drugs, has announced that his next single will be entitled “Roll Up.” We’re not surprised — unless by “rolling up” he’s referring to “rolling up” to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping.  The album is still without an official title, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it’s called any of the following things:

  • My Life Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Marijuana
  • Please Smoke Weed While You Listen to This Album
  • Warning: There Is Weed Inside Every Copy of This Album
  • I Like Weed
  • I Love Weed
  • Weed
  • Marijuana
  • Everyone Involved In The Production of This Album Was High The Entire Time
  • Weed (oh, wait…already got that one.)
  • Hawaiian Homegrown Hay
  • Mountain Cabbage
  • Well…I’m Certainly Not Low Right Now

In all honest, we here at WTR are big Wiz fans and actually can’t wait to hear what he’s working on.  Looking forward to March 2011.

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One Response to “Why We’re Not Surprised About The Name of Wiz Khalifa’s New Single”


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