Soulja Boy Claims He Wrote “Whip My Hair”

4 Jan

And the award for “Best Bullshit I’ve Ever Heard” goes to…

Fact Check: Whip My Hair was written by Ronald Jackson and Janae Rockwell — not Soulja Boy.  What kinda shit is Mr. Boy trying to pull here?  He hasn’t lost this much credibility since the time that he claimed his “dick tastes like ribs.”

The good news: Apparently he’s decided to put aside the fake play money from family-friendly board games like Monopoly and Life — in 2011 he plans on making real money! NO GAMES!  I just hope he doesn’t mean $2011.  That would suck.

The bad news: Soulja Boy has a twitter.


One Response to “Soulja Boy Claims He Wrote “Whip My Hair””


  1. Whattherap, Inc. Announces General Boycott of Soulja Boy’s Music « - September 20, 2011

    […] written a lot about him over the years.  His inability to count, his claim to have written the song “Whip My Hair” (confirmed: he did not write it.), and his plea on Twitter to have naked pictures sent to him from female […]

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