Somebody Call a Doctor: Worst Health Related Lyrics Ever

10 Jan

“We eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning.” [Three Six Mafia, Sippin’ On Some Syrup]

Sounds like somebody’s got a shellfish allergy.  That sucks.  That’s probably the least “thug” illness someone could possibly have.  Sorry, bro.

“Gucci all red so he shittin’ on the infants. He shittin’ on the infants, Gucci all red man, these shoes $450.” [Gucci Mane, Never Too Much Money]

What does being “red” have to do with defecating on young children? Are you embarrassed about your infant fetish? That’s got to be a health hazard.  I hope you’re not wearing those $450 shoes while partaking in this heinous activity.

“Know a nigga healthy ’cause my Cutlass look like carrot juice.” [Young Dro, Man in the Trunk]

Your car looks like carrot juice? Your car is made out of fucking liquid? Doesn’t that defy physics? How is that even possible? You’re clearly on some next level shit.

“Lord, this motherfuckin’ dick good and it always be hard.” [Juvenile, Project Bitch]

If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, stop using Cialis and contact your doctor immediately…


One Response to “Somebody Call a Doctor: Worst Health Related Lyrics Ever”

  1. NVR January 11, 2011 at 5:13 am #

    Hahah BEST. POST. EVER.

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