He’s Lost It: Gucci Mane Gets a Tattoo On His Face

13 Jan

Dear Mr. Mane,

I write to you today in an attempt to express my concern.  You are losing it.  Only a week ago, you checked into a mental hospital. I figured it would be some time before we heard from you again.  Instead, you have once again shocked the world by visiting a tattoo parlor to have a large drawing of an ice cream cone permanently inked onto your face.  You went one step farther by imprinting the household phrase “brr” on the cone, as if we were unaware that ice cream is a cold food.  Come on, Gucci.  Get your shit together.  YOU HAVE A 3D ICE CREAM ON YOUR FACE, BRO! When you are 75, you are really not going to be happy that nearly an entire side of your face is covered by an image of a treat typically enjoyed by children.  What’s worse, it’s not going to be any normal ice cream cone — it’s going to be a disgusting, wrinkly one.  Do you want to eat a wrinkly ice cream? I think not.

I find it really, really challenging to take you seriously.  I don’t like that, because I’m a nice guy. Maybe I’m being too harsh? Too concerned? I dunno.  I’ve just never met anyone with an ice cream tattoo on their fucking face before.


The Last Person On Earth Who Believes There is Any Hope That You’re A Sane Person


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