Pitbull Has Rabies, Taken To Vet

17 Jan

In a strange turn of events, Armando Christian Perez, AKA the rapper Pitbull, was rushed to a veterinarian emergency examination room late last night.

WTR insiders have been able to get the scoop – Perez’s dog, who is a pitbull himself, was reportedly seen foaming at the mouth late Sunday night.  A 911 call was placed by a frantic Perez past midnight that evening in an attempt to have his dog taken in for immediate treatment.

When the emergency services arrived, the rapper’s watchman was asked by authorities where the pitbull could be found in an attempt by the police to locate the rabid animal.  In an utterly unusual misunderstanding, the health services volunteers were pointed toward Pitbull’s house instead of the lavish doghouse where the pitbull lives.

Perez, who is known around the rap community as one of the game’s most consistent nighttime droolers, was accosted by the health services men after they read his “Pitbull” nametag on the bedroom door.

“It all happened so fast,” the J Records atrist explained.  “They busted in, saw my drool, and jumped to conclusions.”

Unable to protest due to his extensive evening headgear (for both the drooling habit and an unrelated orthodontic issue from his childhood), the rapper was rushed to Miami Veterinarian Emergency Hospital, where various shots were administered.

As for the rabid pet, Pitbull plans to take him in for treatment once his rearside swelling subsides.

“That’s my dog, dog,” Perez said.  “But watch out for those ass shots.”


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