Drake’s Next Album Based on Winnie the Pooh

21 Jan


Drake never shies away from praising his influences – whether it be Aaliyah, Lil Wayne or Jay-Z.

But it appears that Drizzy has made room for a new entry on that list: Winnie the Pooh.

In a recent interview with the UK’s DJ Semtex, the Toronto emcee revealed that he purchased a first edition of Charlotte’s Web and the first four Winnie the Pooh books.

“I bought the first-ever Winnie the Pooh books, like all four Winnie the Pooh books,” said Drake of his purchase. “It cost me a lot of pounds, man. I probably could have bought a small car for that.”

“They were a huge part of my childhood,” he added. “That’s my influence, man, Winnie the Pooh on this next album.”

Is Drake the next Christopher Robin?

As if playing Jimmy Brooks on teen drama Degrassi didn’t account for enough of a loss of street cred, this Winnie the Pooh love-fest sure sealed the deal.  Could have bought a small car, huh?  Dude, you could have bought 750 copies of Thank Me Later with 15 grand!  Oh wait:

Drake also admitted that Thank Me Later “was a rushed album,” and that he was unable to revise it as much he wanted. “That’s why my new album is called Take Care – ’cause I get to take my time this go-round.”

Take your time – just don’t get distracted watching The Tigger Movie if you’re into that shit too.


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