Wiz Khalifa Announces New Album: Rolling Papers, March 29. Hey Look, That’s Related to Marijuana!

26 Jan

Wait! Hold the presses! Look at this! Wiz Khalifa’s third studio album has a marijuana-themed title!

Shocker.  The guy likes to smoke weed. It’s kind of his thing.  Not that he tweets about it every day or anything.  We were pretty damn close in our album title predictions, weren’t we?

The dude is in love with drugs.  I mean look at the titles of his mixtapes: Grow Season, Flight School, Burn After Rolling, Kush & Orange Juice. Listing all the song titles associated with smoking would probably bore you, but keep in mind that his latest single is titled “Roll Up.”

From MTV.com

“It’s not just the weed. The music is awesome,” he told The Sourcemagazine. “The music is great. Just from the beats that I pick, I’m a fan of my producers. They push me. The vibe is so positive, you can be who you want to be. The weed just goes with it. See, when I was in high school, I wasn’t in the streets. I had friends that were in the streets, but I just smoked with them. I had straight white kids that I just kicked it with and they smoked more than the kids in the streets. So I kicked it with everybody, but we were all on the same sh– mentally.”

Gotta love the straight white kids that Wiz kicked it with in high school. Classic Pittsburgh. Can’t wait for this shit.

TGOD, bitch.



One Response to “Wiz Khalifa Announces New Album: Rolling Papers, March 29. Hey Look, That’s Related to Marijuana!”


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    […] Lights Out – to the names of Wiz Khalifa productions – his upcoming album is entitled Rolling Papers and he headlined the Waken Baken Tour. Sure, Wiz was arrested once – but he quickly returned […]

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