Yeah Carmelo! (Yeah, Renaldo, Anthony, Chauncey, and Sheldon, too!)

22 Feb

And the most remixed song in the U.S. gets a NY Knicks version courtesy of Maino:

OK, props on the Melo deal.  But wake up NY, he’s not the only one joining the ‘Bockers in 2011.  I’m talking about Mr. Big Shot, the 76-year-old Chanuncey Billups.  I’m talking about Sheldon Williams, voted MRH (Most Rectangular Head) in the NBA every year since his rookie season.  I’m talking about Renaldo Balkman, who the Knicks for some reason drafted #20 overall in 2006 (one slot before Rajon Rondo…good move).  And I’m talking about Anthony Carter, but I don’t really know who that is so I’ll just leave the guy alone.

Anyway, finna get Garageband Wiz on the track to fix up a quick “Yeah Everyone Else Who Came With Carmelo” remix track out there.  Stay tuned.


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