What Are WTR Readers Searching For? — Part 3

9 Mar

Time and time again we’ve brought you the bizzare searches that have led people to our site.  Our advanced traffic data allows us to see what the “cool kids” are searching before they land on WTR. The only question is…how the heck do some of these things lead people to us?

– what obstacles did taio cruz go through

Uh…I dunno. What’s it to you?

– teach me how to dougie brian scalabrine

I’m pretty sure Brian Scalabrine isn’t going to teach you how to dougie.  You’ll need to contact the “Cali Swag District” for that.

– bill clinton last days on oval office

I didn’t realize we turned into a political blog.  Do you have a Monica Lewinsky fetish?

– rappers getting erection during performance

OK, fine.  We did mention this once.  But you’re really searching for this?  I really hope you’re not a guy.

– cootie shots

Are we talking about shots that protect you from “cooties” or doing shots off of female genitalia here? I’m confused.

– gucci mane ruth chris steakhouse

Cool search, bro.



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