Boom Boom Boom WAY HO: The CathyMay15 Saga

30 Mar

Not rap related but this was simply too good not to post.

Who the hell bought this girl a webcam!? This is so pain-stakingly awkward.  It’s only after watching three minutes and eight seconds of her perfectly coordinated bobbing that I realized she repeats the same few words the entire time.  The best part is at 1:27 when she says “Come on, sing way ho! Sing along with me, guys!”


The Outhere Brothers cannot be happy that their song was absolutely decimated…

Apparently, this newfound YouTube superstar used to operate under the account name CathyMay15, but that account has since been removed.  Luckily, people were smart enough to download the videos — so most of them have been reuploaded.  My personal favorite, is her explanation of why she deleted her Youtube account.  Frankly, I have no idea what the heck she is talking about.


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