“New Boyz” Employ Army of Crickets to Record “Crush on You”

14 Apr

In the summer of 2009, the New Boyz dropped “You’re a Jerk,” launching a music revolution that would last all of about 2 weeks.  World-wide jerking percentages went through the roof, but thankfully it’s no longer socially acceptable to jerk in public now that the song has fallen way, way off the charts.  This week, the boys (who certainly aren’t old) are coming at us with a new track: “Crush on You.”

It’s a story for the ages, straight out of a middle school playground (with a few minor additions: namely marijuana and scantily clad sexually promiscuous women).  A guy likes a girl, sees her looking “fly” at a party, finds out that she and her boyfriend are no longer together and tells her he’s got a crush on her. Classic! 

However, the song represents a new movement in pop-rap: hiring animals to sing your backups! The “New Boyz” reportedly hired over 500 infant and adult crickets to sing the melody on the track, resulting in a high-pitched, club rocking tune that only gets annoying after hearing it three or four times.  At first, I thought that the whistling sound was simply computer generated, but both of the “New Boyz” have confirmed that they did in fact hire insects to create a “real sound that would get the point across…we’ll take any steps necessary to let the girls of the world know that we’ve got crushes on them.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are investigating the “New Boyz” after allegations that the rap group refused to pay the crickets, offering them a private “jerk” section as payment for their hard work. 

Cool outfits, guys!

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