Mike Stud: The New Face of Frat Rap

21 May

This “bro” Mike Stud comes straight out of Georgetown University.  Used to have potential as a baseball player, but got injured.  Now he’s turned to rapping.  Typical American dream type story.

This excerpt from his site says it all:

Bottom line, the kid’s just what his name suggests—-a Stud.  Clearly the accomplishments he’s achieved in his life are a testament to his passions.  Whether it’s baseball or his academics, Mike Stud has consistently found a way to do things bigger and better than most.  With very little musical background, he’s already causing a stir in the industry.  Armed with fresh beats and his signature flow, Stud’s bringing a smarter type of fresh to the hip-hop scene.  The kid’s got it.  Now it’s just a matter of time before everyone knows it.”

He’s got some potential though.  On the up and up.

Mike Stud – In This Life (feat. Loggy)

Mike Stud – College Humor

One Response to “Mike Stud: The New Face of Frat Rap”

  1. Jasmine February 8, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    yo dzirzy – u pass out yet? preciate the music; we're both mad relaxed right now. 3 great songs too

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