WTR Exclusive: FAT JOE? FAT NO!!!

23 May

Does Fat Joe Need New Pants?

A WTR team member caught this picture out in the field — Fat Joe at a baptism…looking…well…not that fat. 

Looking good, Joe.  You might need to look into a name change soon though. 


1) Slightly larger than average Joe 

2) Average Joe 

3) Still big, but not THAT big Joe

4) What The Joe

5) Cup o’ Joe

6) Kinda Joe

7) Subway Spokesman Joe

8) Husky Joe

9) MoJoe JoJo

10) Joey Ballsacks


2 Responses to “WTR Exclusive: FAT JOE? FAT NO!!!”

  1. Julian Jonezz May 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    Still kinda fat. And kinda looks like Forest Whitaker.


  1. Confirmed: Fat Joe On Weight Loss Plan; Dropped 88 Pounds « - June 10, 2011

    […] Two weeks ago we obtained a picture of Fat Joe in which he appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight.  Didn’t have confirmation at that point about his weight loss, but now the news is official.  Congrats to Joe…that’s not an easy task.  […]

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