Frighteningly Innocent 8 Year Old Rapper Matty B At It Again

10 Jun

We’ve written about Matty B before and we’re back to do it again.  He’s that tiny ass 8 year old kid who’s rapping and kinda tearing up the YouTube game right about now.  He’s still be 5 years away from puberty and probably thinks that all girls have cooties, but you gotta give the man some credit.  

“Hi! I’m MattyB and I LOVE to rap! Right now I’m 8 years old and other than rapping and dancing I just like to draw, play baseball, hang out with my friends… video games… and stuff like that.”

So innocent.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t become the next Lindsay Lohan.  One minute he’s playing basketball and hanging out with his bros and the next thing you know he’s bumping lines of coke off of a stripper in a Taiwanese whore house.  

Here’s his rendition of “Coming Home”…

Another MattyB classic…Here’s a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”…

I have no idea who the heck the girl is in the video but she’s not half bad. 



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