Mac Miller — Frick Park Market (Download)

19 Aug

So, here’s the deal.  I really don’t like Mac Miller all that much.  I’m not a hater, it’s just not the kind of music I’d listen to if I had the choice.  He’s been teetering on the edge of a big break for the last year or so, but he really hasn’t been able to crack into the mainstream market (particularly in terms of radio spins.) This song has potential, and since it’s the first single off of his upcoming album, I’d say it’s pretty important that it is well received.  

I’m kind of impressed with this song, but I really don’t think it’s going to be playing on Hot 97 anytime soon.  Let’s see what happens.  If you’ve got thoughts, post them in the comments section.  

Purchase “Frick Park Market” on iTunes


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    […] If you haven’t heard the single off of Mac’s new album, “Frick Park Market,” you can hear that right over here.  […]

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