World’s Best Mom Abandons Kid While She Drinks Beer in Bar

20 Aug

What’s wrong with leaving your kid outside a bar while you get drunk inside!? Nothing, duh! 

Forget whattheRAP, this article deserves a big whatthe%&*!

This mom obviously deserves the “Mom of the Year” award after she left her five-year-old child in a stroller outside of a Daytona Beach bar while she tanked brews inside.  As if it couldn’t get any worse, it was raining outside too.  And as if it couldn’t get any worse than that, she allegedly told her daughter that she was just going inside for a minute to get her a candy bar!  Here’s how I really hope it went down:

Mom: Alright kiddo, I’m just going to run inside and get you a candy bar!

Kid: You are such a liar! I know you’re going inside to get wasted.

Mom: No! It’s just a candy store, honey.  I’ll be right out.

Kid: Get me a beer…or I’m calling the cops.

Mom of the day.  For sure. 



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