Timeflies: Taking “College Rap” to the Next Level (Interview)

24 Aug

When you spend your days scouring the internet for new and interesting music, you come across just about every genre out there right now.  That being said, we’ve seen our fair share of “Frat Rap” or “College Rap,” dudes (and pretty often, white dudes) boasting about the party lifestyle – alcohol, sex, getting high, skipping class, the whole nine yards.  Once in a while, though, there’s that artist – or in this case, duo – that is just a cut above the rest.

Meet “Timeflies,” a Boston-based team of DJ/Producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal. Studying at Tufts University, they made their way through the Boston bar scene developing music that they describe as without “genre limitations.” Rob majored in Music and Philosophy at Tufts while playing guitar and drums in various bands, while Cal, a Music and Entrneurship major, has fallen in love with the vocal performance side of music.

The two are currently working on their first album, “Scotch Tape.” In the meantime, check out their website or the Twitter rap freestyle sensation they have created and dubbed “Timefles Tuesday.” We featured one in a post here, and also take a listen to the unique “Under the Sea” remix below.

The WTR team recently had the opportunity to talk to the guys of Timeflies. Check our conversation and be sure to keep an eye out for that debut album to drop. And if they do in fact “make it,” maybe they can finally upgrade from the cans of bud light they are constantly drinking in their vids.

How did you guys come together to start “Timeflies”? 

We met early on in college, started doing music together late sophomore year when Cal joined The Ride, a funk band that Rob played drums for.  After playing a bunch of shows and gigging with them a bit, things slowed down and so we decided to form Timeflies and pursue more electronic music.   

How would you describe your sound in four words or less?

Electronic catchy lyrical bliss.  

What’s been your process for coming up with ideas for new songs? Where do you find inspiration?

All our songs have been about real life experiences and what we’ve got going on.  When we started playing at parties we wrote Lose My Mind, when we felt like we were starting to come up we did Cars Money Fame and The Chase.  Recently with graduation and all we put out Never Grow Up.  Now we’re putting out a summer EP so you’ll find a lot in there thats about what we’re doing now.  Writing about things that are real to us is what makes our music convey emotion so honestly, and we hope why our fans have connected with us so much.  Oh yeah, and All Night.  100% 

What’s been the biggest challenge as an up-and-coming group?

Even though we’ve graduated, a huge factor is still time.  When you’re at this level you’re still doing all your own social media stuff and making a lot of decisions about shows, videos, pictures, tshirts.. all kinds of stuff.  Especially when you throw Timeflies Tuesday in there, we’re just busy all the time and it’s hard to remember to work on new tracks.  Once you’re huge you just show up to a show and walk on stage, but at this point we’re still setting everything up and doing lots of little things.  But it’s fun.  If the day comes when we’re not the ones responding to people on twitter or doing that kind of stuff, a lot will be lost.  

What’s it like to be on the grind and in school at the same time? 

Thankfully over haha.  It was fun, and of course at school you get a lot of inspiration for songs since so much is going on.  But it’s really exhausting and both cut into each other.  There were a lot of nights we didn’t go out to finish tracks, and lot of other nights we did go out and didn’t finish them.  Interesting balance.  It’s definitely a great place to get started though with lots of people to support you and bump your music.  

How did your families react when you told them about starting a group?

Both our families know we’re focused on music.  Of course it’s interesting to say “hey mom, next year I’m not going to be getting any kind of job.. just writing songs and touring.”  But once our families came to a show they both sort of got it.  Obviously they’re a little nervous but they’re as excited as we are about Timeflies and are nothing but supportive.  

Any crazy fan/concert stories you’d like to share?

Haha a lot we’d like to… few we can.  Our favorite is still the girl who at one concert started hysterically balling and attacking us on stage.  Big bouncer grabs her and starts pulling her out and she kicks him in the nuts.  After not nearly a long enough time in pain for anyone who knows what that feels like, the dude had her over his shoulder and was carrying her out as she kicked and screamed.  Epic.   

If you weren’t recording or performing on aSaturday night, what would you be doing? 

To be honest, not sure.  We never remember those nights.   

Which artists do you keep on your iPod?

Well that would be a long answer.  We have huge libraries, so thats tough to sum up, but if it’s who we’re feeling right now or who are the artists we can always listen to?  For Rob, Pretty Lights, Flux Pavilion, John Scofield, Drake, old Eminem, Rusko… “depends on what I’m doing”.  For Cal, right now Drake, Pharoahe Monch, Big Boi, and oldies, CSNY, Jimi Hendrex, Muddy Waters.  

What’s next for Timeflies? Where do you hope to be in 2 or 3 years?

 Hopefully doing the same thing we’re doing now, for a lot more people and in a really sweet studio.  We love recording and gigging, and if we can get out a few albums and a bunch of mixtapes, that’s really all we want.  Getting on tour with some big names would be great, anyone who says they don’t wanna hear themselves on the radio is bullshit… but it’s not about that, it’s about putting out stuff we’re proud of and that is the song you remember from the club.  

Anything else you want to share with whattherap readers? 

Get excited about our first album, The Scotch Tape, coming mid summer.  It’s about to be crazzzzzy.  And keep reading blogs to find good music, these bloggers spend hours finding dope stuff so you don’t have to!  
@timeflies on Twitter

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